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To Blog or Not to Blog?

I came late to the party. There I was, trying to figure out what to blog about, or whether to blog at all, when I did what I often do when I can’t write—I research. I researched the past, present, and future of blog writing and decided to write a blog post about blogs, which […]

Generations Lost

I was reading Who Will Run the Frog Hospital by Lorrie Moore—who grew up not far from where I live—when I thought perhaps she was rooting around in my psyche. Yes, her lead character, Benoître-Marie (Berie), and I both had a poster of Max Ehrmann’s poem “Desiderata” on our bedroom walls and listened to Bread. […]

Just for Today

Just for today, I’m repurposing My Three Words. Just for today, I will breathe. I will breathe deeply enough to fill my lungs, clear my head, and propel me into the new day. Just for today, I will focus. I will focus on something positive I can do—smile at a loved one, pray for a […]

The Missing Bookmark

My favorite bookmark read, “Be yourself: An original is better than a copy.” It featured a picture of four sheep, and, like the classic Sesame Street song, one of them was not like the other. I lost and found that bookmark many times. I always imagined myself to be the sheep that was not like […]

My Three Words for 2017

I have a confession to make. I began using My Three Words for 2017 in the last several weeks of 2016. After attending a webinar in early December led by Chris Brogan of Owner Media, I started trying on a few possibilities, much as I’m trying on new identities as a writer. I began thinking […]

The Passion and Power of Ghostwriting

To the uninitiated, the term “ghostwriter” conjures up images of a spectral being, and in a sense, that’s what ghostwriters are. We are largely unseen, except to those who believe in us, or in this case, hire us. A ghostwriter writes for someone else, who is presumed to be the author. I have ghostwritten speeches […]

Amanda Bibbo

“Effortless” and “efficient” are the two words that comes to mind when I think about Susan. I was looking for an editor for my first children’s book. Since it was my first, I had to find a distinguished editor. I was connected to Susan through a friend and so relieved it happened. After analyzing her […]

No Regrets: Make Professional Conferences Count

We’ve all been there. We eagerly anticipate the professional conference we’ve waited months to attend. We choose our sessions carefully. We take notes, gather handouts, and amass a handful of business cards. We “do lunch” with colleagues and attend networking events. We leave tired but certain we’ve gotten our money’s worth. Then we return to […]

The Widsom of My Father

My father would have celebrated his 88th birthday this week. While cleaning out my purse after vacation, I pulled a piece of paper from amid the credit card receipts, candy wrappers, and expired coupons. I opened it to reveal the words I spoke at my father’s funeral 10 years ago. I’ve carried these words with […]

Go Slow to Go Fast

Getting a Handle on Time I like my oatmeal smooth and creamy, but that takes more time. I would rather not have oatmeal at all than have it thick and lumpy, which is what happens when you cook it too quickly. Why do I feel I don’t have enough time to make creamy oatmeal? Time […]